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A Well-Written War, Told in the First Person

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By ELISABETH BUMILLER Published: February 7, 2010   WASHINGTON — Brian Turner was focused on staying alive, not poetry, when he served as an infantry team leader in Iraq. But […]


Distant Wars, Constant Ghosts

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February 22, 2010, 8:30 pm   By SHANNON P. MEEHAN   SINCE the two recent NATO-led military strikes that accidentally killed dozens of Afghan civilians, I have been thinking a […]


Study Suggests More Veterans May Be Helped by Talking About Killing

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 By JAMES DAO    Published: February 13, 2010   The act of killing is as fundamental to war as oxygen is to fire. Yet it is also the one thing […]


Afghanistan War Photos

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[VRC News Ed. note:  Each photo below is a link to many photos posted by the news service.  Place your cursor over each photo to go to the  photos from a […]


P.O. Box 1142

on 16/02/2010 posted by Mikie in News, Comments (0)

National Park Conservation Association- on line magazine An offhand comment from a park visitor unveiled the untold story of a secret Virginia facility where clever interrogation techniques and good old-fashioned eavesdropping […]


The War at Home: Montana Veterans lead the fight against post-traumatic stress disorder

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by   Matthew Frank  Missoula Independent ( archive) October 15, 2009 Chase Weston, a veteran of the Iraq War, sits forward in a white plastic lawn chair. With a diagram of a […]


Emotions Matter: Army families open up, learn how to cope

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Andrea draws out her emotions on the Magna Doodle in the playhouse of the Emotions Matter exhibit. The exhibit has been dismantled at Ft. Lewis and is currently being […]


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