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Farr’s Mission: Better Tools, Law Enforcement Response to Returning Veterans in Crisis

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Every day, people all across the country do solid work to help veterans successfully transition from combat to civilian life. Every effort has meaning. Every person donates uniquely to the […]


The Psychological Implosion of Our Soldiers

on 07/12/2009 posted by VRC in News, Comments (0)

Monday 07 December 2009 by: Dahr Jamail, t r u t h o u t | Report US Army Specialist Lateef Al-Saraji, a decorated combat veteran, came back from the […]


Military Children Face More Emotional Challenges as Parental Deployments Grow Longer, Study Finds

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ScienceDaily (Dec. 7, 2009) — Children in military families may suffer from more emotional and behavioral difficulties when compared to other American youths, with older children and girls struggling the […]


Troops, families unsure about Afghan plan

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By Kevin Maurer – The Associated Press Posted : Wednesday Dec 2, 2009 9:21:48 EST JACKSONVILLE, North Carolina — Battle-weary U.S. troops and their families braced for a wrenching round […]


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